Sunday, 28 September 2014

Truth and Cowardice.

They all are delusions ultimately. Funny part is some are put into a Psych ward and some are celebrated for their delusions. But they all are delusions. Too much of truth drives a man insane. No one can handle the plain naked truth. It hurts too much. It may hit you when you're walking down the street. It may hit you when you're again involved in some other activity of your humdrum existence. But do not even for a moment think you are close to the truth. You can't take it. You will be burnt by it. All the plastic on your face will melt by its heat. All your anorexia will be washed by its gravity. You Are no one in front of the truth. And no one can look the truth in the eye and say that he has been truthful. Such is humanity's curse. What you wanted to see good has made you blind. You will never reach the hilltop where the truth lies. And every time you get close, you will be pushed down to start your struggle all over again. You are lost as Sisyphus. Lost in a crazy vicious cycle. There is no way out only a way in since the day you were born.All beauty is ephemeral. Because the beauty comes from the truth. But your delusions are a sick perverse way to deal with your incapacity to face the truth. So your delusion will last. Go on then. Delude yourself. Betray the truth. Happy as you may be, you are a coward. Find other cowards and delude with them. Go cry to weak friends that sympathise .Make a mass delusion. So if one poor speaker of the truth ever comes around , he feels insane. The tellers of the truth have all the angst, but they don't deserve it. You deserve it ,you liar. You are lying, you are concealing . You are the weak one hiding your weakness behind another lie. You deserve all the angst. You deserve the malaise. The sublime is for the truthful. You don't deserve the truth. You can't handle it. Don't ever try getting close to it. Don't pollute it with your presence. You are beyond purgation. 

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