Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sympathy for the Devil

Evil is the forlorn soul’s muse,
It lives on the surface,
It reaches deep to sooth,
The end of all catharsis.

There is always the dark side of the moon,
So why to goodness do we always swoon?
The most dissonant tune,
Is someone’s only festoon.

Elegant shafts of evening light divide the mind,
Into the part that wants to fight,
And the part breaking against the human condition -
 The part that needs to be forgiven.

/* So, this one is about how there really isn’t much of a right or wrong in most things and how almost everything is ultimately circumstantial. There are varying sides to all of us. Some prefer to call a particular side good and a particular side bad. But, ultimately everything does boil down to circumstance. If you believe in the traditional concept of good and evil, I guess there is a little of both in all of us (like shown so wonderfully in the pictures by friend Mukund, thanks mate for lending your pictures to this blog.Check out some of his stuff here I think any attempts to jump at generalizations on as to what is good and bad is but a silly attempt by us humans to make some sense of all this existential meaninglessness .*/