Sunday, 11 May 2014

If I could hold back the rain

If I could hold back time,
I would hold back the rain,
The first rain that wet your hair,
So you wouldn’t straighten your tresses so elegantly.

If I could hold back the rain,
I would make myself like you, easily amused.
If I could find one good reason, to stay away from reason,
If only I could change the tale of time.

If I could walk a step and not see omniscient pain,
If I could hear the rain as I hear you,
If I could let the world in as I let you ,
I would break these impossible walls.

But alas, holding back the rain we mortals cannot do,
So I become I as  you become you .
But if I waited in that first rain again,
Would you still so elegantly straighten your hair?

I don't know why I wrote this.All explanations are welcome