Sunday, 13 September 2015

Oh night sea ! Oh night sea !

Oh night sea! night sea!
What secrets do you keep?
All earthly rhythms,
Overdubbed by ebb and flow.
All ambition,
Reduced to foam.

A thousand ships have sailed ,
And a thousand will.
How many do you remember ?
Clamouring , yet still deep.

Oh night sea! Oh night sea !
How many ships did you drown?
How many names etched in sand ,
Did you so poignantly drown.

But I am but a seated admirer,
Will you wash me away?
To an exotic isle?
Or to a dark sunrise?

Oh night sea! Oh night sea!
Is that me you call?
Into the vastness of primordial soul,
To embrace the randomness , to float forever?

I beseech you today night sea!
Where will you take me to?
I clamour , I shout , I cry,

But you just ebb for evermore.

/*So another picture inspired poem. Thanks to the 'notorious' Pai for this one. Seriously how good is that picture?Yes that is me in case you're wondering.
I guess the sea is this calm , always present thing that just couldn't care about what we do. Detached and cold. A little like the detachment we hear about in spirituality. I guess the question is always , do we flow with the night sea or is the detachment too much for us? */