Sunday, 26 February 2017

Someday I'll Fly

Someday I’ll fly,
Beyond the questions ‘what?’, ‘where?’and ‘why?’,
To where answers are only given with a sigh.
To where time does not fly by the bye,
A day,
A year,
Are meaningless words to say.

Someday I’ll see,
Beyond the need to be,
Loved as to love.
Beyond the smell of burning clove,
As smoke
    Takes away
All woes.

Someday I’ll  write,
To not stub out ends of burning hearts by the night,
But to be one with beauty in all it’s might.
Someday I’ll pick up crumpled papers of poetry,
Their blight.

Someday when the chords turn minor,
I shall not glance at the world’s pyre.
Even when I’m down to the wire,
I shall dance,dance,dance,

/* Check out this fine ditty whilst you read these words. There's also a rather rough take of a piece of music I think goes well with these words */