Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap your heart,
Bubble wrap your heart.
Save it from the broken shards,
Of broken hearts of glass.

Is that a reflection of you?
Staring you poignantly in the broken shard?
Or like the glass is it but a broken view?
Of an older you, fugitive and dread?

Let the pieces be as they lie,
Maybe someday they may achieve some respite.
When memory is painted with time’s dye,
Look back with Frost’s untaken sigh.

Bubble wrap your heart,
Bubble wrap your heart.
Pick up the pieces,

Only to cut your hands.

/*.Its appalling to see the state in which emotional intelligence finds itself today. Humans have had problems since the dawn of time , but how we deal with them is what shows the strength of our character. And I just don't see it that often. The diseased state of coping skills is concerning to say the last. And of course those of us who have managed to achieve some semblance of peace and balance have no choice but to bubble wrap our hearts , even though these deliciously dark individuals may be the most interesting thing we've ever seen and as much as they remind us of our unevolved selves. Perhaps our educational curriculum could teach a little more about how should one handle life and not just random facts to write in an exam.
This is one of my more simplistic forms, but well I have been busy memorising said facts and tried to get straight to the point with this one .*/
This song seems to fit the mood of this poem well. Listen to Maynard's little speech at the start( yeah he talks! ) . He says so much in just a few lines.

As funny as it is , Joey is right.