Sunday, 28 May 2017

Rope/ For CC

I carry pocket size chaos on my shoulder,
As I push my Sisyphean boulder.

I sit by the sea with ennui,
As the waves wash away every buoy.

Do not throw me rope!
You don’t know my chaos’ scope!

Hold your sympathetic display,
For I am the autumn moon,I am the highway!
The breadth of my inner wings,
Cannot be measured by man made things.

Do not throw me rope!
I am nefarious! Throw me hope!

I gather my chaos now spread over me so chaotically,
By my mind full of thoughts of excesses sought.
Collecting it in a manner oh so orderly,
Into a chaos pocket sized and 10000 watts.

As I push my Sisyphean boulder,

I carry pocket sized chaos on my shoulder.

/* This is for the sad loss of Chris Cornell. RIP Shadow King and say hello to heaven */