Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hello Narcissus - Narcissus of the 21st century

Hello narcissus,
Do you see yourself in the pool,
Is the internet fast enough?
Is your mind dulled like a cesspool?
Can you still speak off the cuff?

Hello narcissus,
Can your mind still distil?
Or is it another thread of useless information?
‘Don’t think, just swallow that happy pill’,
The shallow proclamation of this generation.

Hello narcissus,
Are you still a person or an apparition?
Someone words ideas to fill your shelf?
Look at the aqua reflection,
And do a good impression of yourself.

/* So I’ve been reading  Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis, the basis of Fear of a Blank Planet. And I have to say there is just way too much narcissism in this internet generation of ours. We know longer try to be ourselves , we just do good impressions of our virtual lives ( a recurring motif in Lunar Park). So I wondered what would Narcissus do today, and I figured his pool would be this online world of today. I hope our generation is wiser than Narcissus. 
Granted the internet has done so much good ( like bringing you this poem :P) , but on the whole think about the implications on social skills and language. Everything has to  be condensed into 124 characters and selfies are the new self portrait. I think somewhere art has been lost in the process.
Read this while listening to Fear of a Blank Planet. */