Monday, 22 September 2014


I have a friend that follows me around,
My muse,my sooth, my rhythm and blues.
Every time I get down too low,
The guiding light has always been my shadow.

Sometimes my shadow grows dark-too dark,
Sometimes its darkness drowns me stark.
Out of the dark, into the light I walk,
And now the light seems like such as farce.

But sadly those neon city lights,
Have pulled away many a men of might.
My shadow tried to pull me hither,
Yet blinded by light I find myself here.

No muse, no sooth, no rhythm , no blues,
I am surrounded by faces of no use.
Yet the shadow will return in all its might,
All I have to do is kill the light.


  1. ha. i dont really believe in the muse...
    but it is good to know that even when down low
    we are not alone...our shadow surely never
    leaves us....

  2. There is always an interplay between the light and the shadow. It seems your poem expresses the journey that sometimes takes place between one and another.

  3. Somehow the shadow and its darkness is the price we pay for light... Yet without the light there's there is only darkness.

  4. The muse seemed to be there still as you were inspired to write this poem. Smiles :)

  5. killing the light does help you eliminate the shadows.

    lovely poem.

  6. Very interest perspective and well penned.

  7. It is good we can write our way through both dark times and light - such a release.

  8. I like how you used darkness, light and shadows in this poem.

  9. One is being shadowed for better or for worse all the time. Getting out of the shell can be interesting!


  10. What a lyrical poem and a fantastic end...sometimes darkness can produce many a good thing...

  11. Lots of inspiration from darkness as well - from light. Liked the word play in your poem.

  12. Yes, why is it so much easier to write of the dark stuff? Maybe things like sorrow and anger demand more urgently for release.

  13. where there is dark there's light and the muse exists in both. the dark is the shadow of the light, cannot be separated. i write about this in my recent submittal

    gracias for sharing

  14. there must be balance, if the light is too strong, its of no use, its just blinding

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  15. we need them both to discern clarity.

  16. Gotta keep the muse alive....keep writing Suyash!!

  17. although haunted, yet feel powerful enough to fight against the dark horse, which makes your poem beautiful and haunting.

  18. Light and dark...we need both. Sometimes the balance is hard to achieve.

  19. the first stanza is my favorite ~

  20. Liked the way, you played with the conjoined yet opposing variables!