Friday, 15 January 2016

The Silence Between the Notes

If for every path not taken
There is a parallel universe,
For very chorus heard
There is a silent verse.

City moves in maddening chaos,
As we get lost in crowds and its throes,
Searching for a blindfold to pathos ,
Not once looking to the undertows.

The moments between phone rings,
The poetry despite the text message blur,
The mindful breaths between desperate pangs,
Is when air becomes breath.

Pauses before punch lines,
The loud note and then the softer,
Elegant strokes of blank canvas,
Amidst splashes of colour.

/* So this one is about the virtues of silence and minimalism. I think in the fast and chaotic world we find ourselves in , the few moments of silence and poignant observation are rather amiss and rare. Great work of art always have paid attention to this idea. How many notes does BB King have to play to say what he wants to say and how many words does Hemingway have to write to convey all the horrors of war? I think we could all benefit from a few moments of silence and reserve in a world full of noise and chaos. Of course , too much of silence can never be a good thing, but given how fast and loud modern life has become , it is always great when art remind us to take a moment and just observe.*/

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Lining hills , fluttering in the wind -prayers , blessings , hope. The Buddha came and went. And new flags were raised. Flags of red, flags of sorrow.  Yet some vestiges of the glory lingers~

As old prayer flags fade,
Old hope makes way for new
the mountain watches

/*So my fist attempt at haibun. Well as you would've guessed this is about the situation Tibet finds itself in. Check out some pictures of the prayer flags that  I speak of. */