Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Faceless Nameless Boy

City revels in foolish joy,
And sits back the faceless, nameless boy.
Shunning the impure city on a whim,
Nameless kicked the world in the shin.

As the years press on,
the stupid parties go on.
Nameless remains faceless,
But the city knows no braces.

Once a city dweller,
Was in a bloody pool discovered.
City calls its suicide,
Faceless escapes from the side.

Once a city party did catch fire,
And many a foolish happy heart did turn dire.
There was no burnt fuse wire,
Only what nameless with his matches did transpire.

Faceless infiltrates, nameless turns the pages.
The boy has been through the ages.
The city seeks him with craze,
Faceless sleeps content with his match and spade.


  1. Check the fire brigade , do they have an alibi ? Its always a fireman !

  2. Sad story, good narrative...

  3. It is all fire and joy with such little parties. But they are of innocence! Wonderful write Suyash!


  4. "As the years press on, the stupid parties go on." Looking for feelings not substance. Great write.

  5. sad end for a kid who kicked the world in the shins (love that line)