Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The trains blues/ For BB

Moving through stations of time,
Trains move with a steel chime.
And a bluesman strums to the trains’ shuffle,
As the train pulls through many a mile.

Passengers come in and listen, for the train is now muse
And paint themselves in the bluesman’s blues.
Yet every passenger moves to their Toulouse ,
But the train is the bluesman’s only sooth.

His rhythm his blues, his one and only muse.
The stations are left behind.
But the train kept a rollin’,
And the shuffle he kept –a-playin’ .

/* Fare thee well BB KING
Any one who knows me , or has been reading this blog would know that the first thing to hit me when I think of trains is Steven Wilson/Ptree/In Absentia. Also the idea of travelling bluesmen (especially like good ol' dylan in 'I'm not There') is a very fascinating one to me. And what can I say of them blues? Like BB King says ' a baby cries cuz the baby got the blues ! ' Guess we all need to strum that shuffle once in a while , to the rhythm of the sixty ton angel, falling to the earth. Yes that was a reference. Yes the whole thing is a metaphor.*/