Monday, 23 March 2015


A specter of sun,
Breaking through dark canopies,
Lighting roads once dark,
In the light all is too stark.
Shine through the canopy of my mind,
Bring light to deepest roots,
Shine on till the roots touch the soil.
Don't become too bright, don't melt, don't fret,
Rise over the horizon,
And never be swallowed by the sea,
Rise and Stay,
Like all of life served onto a tray,
Rise over the tree's canopy,
As elegant shafts of light in my mind play.

The long winter's night has been left to fray,
This long sought summer,
Please stay...

/* A poem out of place on this blog? Well I let Mr. Mayer do the explaining

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Manic Road

The manic road meets the frenzied sky,
As words in indelible ink sprawl the sunset,
Like the most beautiful evening,
Of the ones from childhood’s treasury.

The manic road is long gone,
Yet it appears in my dreams,
To wake me in cold sweat,
To remind me of all that frenzy.

So to the manic road I have returned,
And sped down it ,
To the point of no return,
And now sleep does not break in cold sweat.

The manic road now runs within me,
Showing me how to walk other roads,
As for words sprawled in indelible ink,
Some words cannot be erased.

/* 'Things never get better , you just get used to it. Closure is the best you are gonna get.'If you follow the prog side of the world you may well be tempted to substitute the last line as Hand.Cannot.Erase. It is the wall for the facebook generation*/

Friday, 13 March 2015

Poets United

The guys at Poets United were kind enough to sit down for an interview. Keep fighting the good fight PU
Click : Link

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Blank Space

A big shout out to propel steps for having published blank space volume 1. It featured my story 'waves' from the previous year. Great work Dinesh and co. Keep up the good fight.