Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Clown

All the children laughed at the clown,
But I knew someone who made everyone laugh knew more of life ,
than a joke could summarize.
And then I looked deep into the clown’s eye,
And there was a picture of such might,
Beneath all the mirth was so much pain in rewind,
People gone, people left, all the scars left,
And all they left was a joke.
And yet the clown paints his face
And that inner world gets lost in the maze.
And the children laugh.
And the pain subsides. 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Sun Also Rises

Misfit sun in a cloudy sky,
Peeping through fleeces of cloud,
Into worldly  windows of glass hearts.
Shafts of orange light,
Like a wound in the clouds.
Misfit sun on a cloudy day,
 A distant moon tumbles,
Onto the horizon,
To dethrone the day,
Instill  the night.
Seal the sun into a nightly cage,
The glass hearted clowns arise,
Clowns to make a joke,
Of all that is human,
But know this clowns,

The sun also rises.

/ Every misfit has his crowd, and the clowns don't matter anymore/