Monday, 14 July 2014

Yesterday Was Once a New Day

I live for eccentric summer nights,
amongst cold winter shivers.
I live for those showers of rain,
that respite from the the day’s fever.

But yesterday was a new day once,
as tomorrow will soon be another yesterday.
There will be summer, there will be rain,
but nothing can stop the inevitable winter spell.

How many summers have gone ,
and how many times has the sky cried?
How many times has the summer’s sweat ,
been frozen by the winter’s cold embrace?

But in all these ciricles, I have remained ,
to watch this wondrous spell.
For though yesterday was once a new day,
I am just the same ,as every tomorrow becomes a yesterday.


  1. very nice poem...
    though provoking read...

  2. What a beautiful poem of learning and accepting how the world moves around us...there can definitely be a comfort in knowing that tomorrow may just be little better than today..

  3. We like things to stay as they are but nature as always is right and coaxes into adapting with her subtle hints!

  4. old egg said it well. i would just add that while all around us changes it changes us


  5. The cycle of the seasons! I love 'eccentric summer nights'. :)

  6. The cycle of life continues year after year, and we are part of that cycle really... yes, we do stay (in many ways) the same, but we age just as the oak tree in the back yard.....can't avoid a little bit of changing each year. I like the philosophy in your poem. It has a timeless quality to it.

  7. luv the levels of transience in this poem

    have a nice Sunday
    much love...

  8. we have a saying in New England, If you don't lke the weather just wait a minute :) Hang in there, you might miss something

  9. I too am a fan of those eccentric summer nights when anything and everything can happen, and does! And yes, wonderfully said that all tomorrows become yesterdays, I like that! Kind of a river of time ever-flowing.

  10. The endless cycle of the seasons, so well described. And what a cool image to accompany the poem!

  11. I love the picture ~ and yes the cycle of seasons is perpetual as life renews itself. Thought-provoking poem about time.

  12. I really love this poem...the seasons will continue and the world will spin and we are observers still here.


  13. The cycle really repeats but somehow we change slower. Remaining watching as they pass as gentle waves. Is time circular or linear or both?

  14. true, winter is inevitable. instead of complaining, we should embrace it as we can do nothing about it

  15. I think it's easier to tolerate all of the seasons knowing that those summer nights will aririve eventually. I enjoy how you depict the sameness-the continuing cycle of which we are part.