Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What are you hiding?

What are you hiding
Beneath those gorgeous locks of hair?
What are you withholding,
In a hundred erudite words?
What are you concealing,
In the fear of inevitable death?
Is it the tell tale signs of life?

What are you not revealing,
In that rational conviction?
What has been unsaid,
When the speech has been made?
What are you hiding,
In the insomnia of a hundred nights?
Is it the calm of a dreamy paradise?

Where are the cries of pain hidden,
Under the lies of a thousand laughs?
What has been puffed away,
In rings of decadent smoke?
What are you hiding,
In your bouts of pain?
Is it the fear of hoping again?

What is unseen,
Behind all that mascara?
What have you so well shrouded?
In a logic so well founded?
What are you hiding?
Or is it you that are hiding?
Or is it from yourself that you are hiding?


  1. A questioning and reflective poem. Makes the reader think. There is so much beneath what is seen on the surface, and hopefully one cannot hide who one is from oneself.

  2. what we allow others to see...and what we hold and hide...
    it defines the intimacy of our relationships...
    real...or fake...

  3. masks always illustrate things in between.
    lovely imagery.

  4. hm, those are thought provoking questions.. the last two lines particularly have power.

  5. Indeed.. hiding from yourself.. that can be the real reason for all those veils and secrecy

  6. Wow, wow, and wow! I would answer both or maybe I used to be I am coming into the light and this beautiful reflective poem certainly gives one to pause and think these crucial questions!


  7. WOW! This poem speaks right to my heart, especially the stanza that begins "where are the cries of pain hidden" and ends with "is it the fear of hoping again?" Questions for the human condition, and most eloquently written.

  8. Yes, often people hide their true feelings, true selves, or their past ~ perhaps for fear of being judged, or as you said, fear of hoping again -- they hide their pain deep down. But when released and brought to the surface, the truth is healing. :)