Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Midwinter night's dream

Sometimes, life seems like not what you bargained for,
Sometimes life is just a long horrid road,
Sometimes the road cannot be seen in the winter fog,
Because the mind is sleeping like a log.

The summer came and the summer left,
And now the winter is here again.
Cold winds blowing my mind hither,
Descending snow throwing me thither.

But there is a midnight train on an icy track.
The midnight train waits to take me anywhere I want to,
But sometimes I just don’t know where to go.
Because sometimes the mind is just a snare of delusion.

Sometimes life wants me to forgive and forget,
Sometimes it takes away a friend.
Many faces have boarded the midnight train,
But not one parting face was a friend.

Sometimes our mind tricks us with grand delusion,
So we wonder when the foggy road will end.
And when the day’s work is over,
We fade like a softly setting sun.

Sometimes life is just the loner.
Waiting alone in the freezing mid-winter wind,
Waiting to find a friend,        
With a ticket for the midnight train.


  1. very nice poem... a beautiful presentation of all the twists and turns of life... :)

  2. Sometimes the winter train just to has to pass that tunnel.

  3. I especially like your closing stanza, where the person is just waiting for someone to come along with whom to board that midnight train.

  4. "Sometimes life is just the loner"... that says so much to me.

  5. Waiting with a ticket … I like that ending.

  6. My life would have been far worse if I'd not found a wonderful partner to navigate it with early on. I struggle with depression, and even with the love I've found there are days I'd rather not get up, ever again. But I try to find joy in the days that are good, and as I've gotten older I've learned to see beauty even on the bad days.
    I love your poem. It expresses the truth about life, both the beauty and the brutality.

  7. There are times I feel so alone when surrounded by those closest to me. Love your ending.

  8. Oh. That is one road that needs a branch to take instead, this one waits in hellish terrain. But see ahead where a new acquaintance warms into friendship and the snow melts just a bit? There is a fork in the road, a friend to risk loving and losing if we can be so bold. In the end the train comes for all. This poem just seems so sad to me!

  9. That's what cancer makes me feel like...who's next? Thought-provoking metaphor.