Friday, 25 July 2014

The Rains of Childhood

*We change but the rain is always the same as. Sometimes the rains bring back memories. Sometimes they bring out the children in men.Sometimes it takes us back to the cocoon we shed.*

Dripping, dropping in a steady beat,
Piterring patering upon roofs of tin.
Raining in a steady beat,
Such is nature’s greatest feat.

I have played as a child in the rain,
But now the summer has brought its pain.
Droplets pour from the sky and soak into my soul,
And I spin in madness pitter patter,pitter patter.

After the rain, summer has to come again,
And I may not be the same child spinning in the rain.
The rain from my eyes , my heart ,my brain,
Will only be drowned by the falling rain .

But the rain is my only muse,
The rain and I have no ulterior use.
Whether the same child or not,
After every summer, the rain falls just the same.

Tears fall from the sky, silent words cross my mind,
I try to speak, but there is not one note.
If you speak and no one listens, have you spoken?
Can the spinning child’s words be understood by men?

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