Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Summer Song

That one song that always plays,
Reminding me of time slipping away.
Of sounds heard , of times of luck,
Of hisses , of tracks , of the summer’s glory .

Song of joy , song of melancholy ,
Song of remembrance , song of benevolence.
How do you fit every trend?
How do you fit all of my mind’s bends?

And I always remember my golden summer,
And how I tried to make it stay,
Like holding sand in my hands,
Alas , winter has dethroned lovely trance.

But tell me this dear song,
Will I make the summers stay?
Or will they always slip away?
Or even in the winters the summer within is here to stay?

/* The song I'm talking about is trains by porcupine tree. It is strange how this song has marked my life . It has a certain melancholy to it and also a certain joy to it that makes it fit for every situation. In the song , Steven Wilson sings , ' Always the summers are slipping away , find me a way to make it stay. ', as if saying that none of the good times will last , and it seems like he's crying in vain for a way to make it stay. And I wonder , what if you stop looking for happiness i.e the summer outside , and start looking for it inside. Then even the coldest winters will not affect the summers inside you. The last line is inspired by an Albert Camus quote. */


  1. We can hold anything inside of us. That is the key to happiness, is it not? Happiness only truly lives within ourselves :) Beautiful poem, Suyash ;)

  2. "how I tried to make it stay, like holding sand in my hands....." so beautiful, and poignant. How we try to make things stay. Sigh.

  3. Yes the line about holding sand in our hands really sang to me very hard but worth trying...lovely piece

  4. The hope of summer is always within us, yet each winter that fateful bell tolls but we hope it is not for us. Stunning poem Suyash.

  5. I have an artist that always sticks in my head, and instantly it replaces all the things that leave me upset. Her name is Lindsey Stirling, she is a violinist, and she is simply amazing. :)

  6. We really have to keep the summer within us, even when we are in the grips of winter. There is joy and melancholy in every season!

  7. "Ain't it funny how a melody can bring back a memory" is how Clint Black expressed it. Great poem, I can think of songs for just those occasions.

  8. "Like holding sand in my hands"
    Also I hope you'd like this, bout the summer within!