Friday, 26 December 2014

Lightbulb Sun

It is that hour before dawn,
Mind full of excesses sought.
An entire night has passed since the sun,
In a night so dark the sun seems to have burnt its final.
So I will shut all curtains,
Blacken all the windows.
And live my life by the light of this light bulb,
Yellow iridescent sun in a ball of glass.
Outside the dawn rises,
And the sun arises from dreams of yellow glass.
But these windows have been long blackened,

And in this room the sun rises in helium glasses.

/* It is all about perspective. If you shut out all the windows , the lightbulbs will be the brightest things you have ever seen. */


  1. Sometimes we have to find those lights ourselves.. Sometimes we need open windows,

  2. This poem really speaks out loud with great wisdom. I couldn't agree with you more that it is a great idea to leave open the windows so that we may experience all the possibilities. Really wonderfully written poem Suyash! :)

  3. And the fragile light of a cradle or hurricane lamp ... it's amazing how important any kind of light is in the darkness. I haven't lit my hurricane lamp in years. In power outages i love to read to the kids outloud. It seems so magical (although that is going off on a tangent from your poem)

  4. Well done! Some of us need the dark places we create and forget to open the blinds.

  5. interesting take on the photo... glad there is light

  6. different people have different vies but we all must never leave hope.

  7. Something essentially poetic, vatic, something, that lightwork is best at nighttime. Candescence has no meaning without the dark womb it floods. Burn on.

  8. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  9. We need both... a light in the dark and the natural light. Well done.

  10. light options! an interesting write

    Happy Holidays

    much love...

  11. Oh, how interesting! Perspective is the thing, isn't it? Beautifully written. Cheers.

  12. We find or become the light when it is needed. Thanks for the insight.