Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Rainbow of Autumn Colours

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
For no rainbow ever is golden.
You shall reap as you sow,
As we do not deserve this Garden of Eden.
Golden rainbows have been lost in the worm hole,
And now gold within the seven colours is hidden.
Gold only in Eden shall survive into the morrow,
So she hid herself with different colours laden.
With Violet , green , blue ,red and indigo,
Gold has always been smitten.

And in some corner of some cornered summer sky,
Lay a rainbow of autumn color.
Orange , red , brown of fallen leaves were its ally,
Faded green and mahogany were its pallor.
Colours of pathos , colors of sombre , colours of a lost might,
The autumn colours told a tale of lost valour.
A little sad, a little alone in that cornered summer sky,
No sunset could this rainbow discolour.
Maybe there was a hidden gold in its cry,
That made all the autumn colours look smaller.

/* It is incredible as to where you find beauty. Some see it in the multicoloured rainbow , and some in autumn colours. Let every man march to the music he hears ! */


  1. We have to find the beauty in the colored rainbow.

  2. Each of us does have a different concept of beauty. Sadly commercialism tries to force us to like what they want. We should of course ignore them.

  3. There really is beauty everywhere -- whether it be in gold or in the multi-colors of the rainbow.

  4. I agree with Mary beauty is everywhere, we just have to take the time to notice.

  5. Wow! perhaps the Gold is hidden therein--but would digging discover it? Beautiful images in a sad poem.

  6. I like that ":cornered summer sky"!!!! An intriguing poem.

  7. I second Sherry's comment :-)

  8. The image really brought out the message of the beauty and colors of nature...wonderful poem!

  9. Yes a rainbow of treasure is there for those who look.

  10. Beauty is everywhere in nature ~ Autumn is my favorite season ~

  11. I do look for beauty in nature, because it is often hard to find it in the events of my life, which tend to be painful.

    1. Exactly, nature is perhaps the one unspoilt habitat for real beauty

  12. Sometimes the colours found in relationships or in the song, and maybe somewhere else, but for everyone 'rainbow' - unique.

  13. It is indeed incredible where one can find beauty if one is looking.

    I really like the first line of the second stanza.

  14. The rainbow may be elusive, but it comes to light when the spirit has hope.

  15. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  16. I like this line best: "Colours of pathos , colors of sombre , colours of a lost might," and think that you created a very emotionally interesting (colorful!) poem here for us to ponder.

  17. Autumn...a brilliant ending to the growing season...beautiful

  18. We cheer for the summer but can find rainbows in all seasons.