Monday, 31 March 2014

Screams in Silence

To immaterial I run from solitude.
Gravity binds far off stars as tears.
Unsettled minds quiver with passion,
As madness leads to private paradise.
The drowsy air hums like a savage.
And eternity amuses itself with my fluttering mind.
Every touch has hurt until I have turned numb,
No match can light this fuse.
But I must light up,
And set fire to my insides.
Till my tongue has been too burnt to taste,
There is nothing in this world, worth a taste.
No cacophony worth a hear
I have always carried this mask,
But now it is my only mirror.
In the hollow stillness of my mind,
 I know not where to hide.
Words protected only by closed lips,
I know I am screaming,

I know I am silent.


  1. a wonderful outburst of deeply felt passion...the close is stunning...

  2. I can that isolation and the "hollow stillness" , very powerful.

  3. that silence, if we can find it, is a good place to start searching for that spark...that match...sounds like you know what you need to you only need to do it...

  4. Sometimes silent screams are the loudest of all! Peace to you.

  5. I can feel the pain and the hurtful loneliness. Very strong words.

  6. Ah yes the irony of the silent scream. Made me think of that painting.

  7. Ha! I know this was not a funny poem... far from it! But the last three lines caught my attention as a former first grade teacher! "Words protected only by closed lips, I know I am screaming, I know I am silent." Oh, how many times I felt like screaming but remained silent and calm. A good teacher's (even a good parent's) motto: Never let 'em see you scream!
    Up until those lines - I was truly focused on the was very powerful. Sorry to have dissected it for my own use!

  8. …a mask of silence. Oh, what we don't see…

  9. Silence... while shouting inside. Pain screaming, silently. Haunting words...

  10. The hunger for meaning and love is a loud sound for sure. A beautiful and powerful write! :-)

  11. Touching words & so true, Suyash.
    Many can identify with this as they are silent though screaming from within...