Friday, 7 March 2014

Mirrored Echoes

I have never tasted this world,
My eyes in vain try to get a hold.
With this skin I cannot live as a man in this city of simulation.
City moves in mammoth steps, into desperation.

Sounds, people, minds producing a cacophony,
But city moved into a meaningless disharmony.
Chaos from order, pain from beauty – the city will upturn
Pangs of consciousness in stimulation-city will never let you outrun

Beneath shrouds of a million lies, the millions lie,
In the city , hope leaves and the true die.
The dissonant disharmony of chaos,
Is the city’s sweet symphonic ethos.

As a requiem for the truth, earth played its lonely drum,
As I prayed for the earth to dissolve as a drug on my tongue
And extend a bridge between the truth and this movement,
In this city, even the earth is not a constant.

Happiness is like held thunder,
A mural of meaningless redness, blood is a barrier,
With the million shrouded souls in dissonant throes.
I cannot taste the world with this skin that can only mirror echoes.

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  1. Wow. This is brilliant! You should have it published somewhere. :D