Sunday, 10 March 2019


The day before you came/left,
Of appropriate words,I was bereft.
I saw you pack, words that were had,
Into suitcases of clothes and apples gone bad.

You left the keys on the nightstand,
Along with matches of your brand.
Where could you be going without a key?
Were you leaving home to go home across the sea?

Will memory fade like sea foam?
As you reach/leave this honeycomb.
Have you learnt or will it be the same?
Will you finally know your name?

You said as you left/came,“Write about me”,
You know I’m doing just that.
Just have me know,
Am I reaching you or am I leaving you?


  1. The ending has a twist and makes me wonder if words are enough to reach the intended person. The image of packing words into a suitcase seems to say so much.

  2. Such an evocative close on this one, Suyash!❤️ I wonder if our words and emotions truly reach the other person?

  3. Hard to find the right words when someone is heading in a new direction. Very poignant, Suyash. A sad moment, well captured.

  4. Seems like a time of sadness. I don't think the memory will EVER fade, and such an extreme loss will stay with a person forever. Your poem was very moving!

  5. I'm intrigued. So much coming and going and going. Every ending is a new beginning that ends up where it started. But we don't know as it unfolds.

  6. This is so filled with questions, most of them that I think has no real answers... maybe there will be just more questions coming.

  7. This is a poem that encourages interrogation and imagination--are the words being taken those given? Those repeated without use? Whose fairy tale went bad?

  8. Hey. You've gotten over your fear of impermanence. In fact, you've embraced it. And the net result? Magic.

  9. "I saw you pack, words that were had,
    Into suitcases of clothes and apples gone bad." Love this--not the act, but the image. The event this poem recognizes and questions is a too common one, and your words move me.

  10. Ah, someone's sudden absence can leave us with these questions and such ways to reach out for answers may fall short of getting any sense of closure. I really liked your rendered emotions and that "foam/honeycomb" near-rhyme. A very effective write, Suyash! :-)

  11. Like 'apples gone bad..." "Fading like sea foam..." Vivid writing Suyash

  12. more questions than answers, isn't it?
    loved the rhymes you used. :)

  13. Alas, you won't know until time has passed. Meanwhile, a very evocative write.

  14. A quandary.It will resolve with time.

  15. A never ending affair between the observer you and the participant you...