Sunday, 27 January 2019


Hello again it's you and me,
coffee for you and words for me.
Fresh paint on my walls and a thousand stories,
Of ups and downs and flailing glory.
A nervous laugh and you tell me,
Of childhood ghosts and new found fears.
On reckless nights down we go,
Opening ourselves and mixing tears.
But now our time is done ,
we go into life and oblivion .

In this moment , if we chose to stay,
We'll build our bridges and barricades.
Time and place won't mean a thing,
A thousand years or decades.
That was there time, this is our place.
We won't be lost cuz we've been saved.

Hello again, it's you and me,
kinda how it used to be.
Been so long since you've seen me,
I've got new stories and new memories.
So pick one gem hanging in the air ,
as we go into conversation.
Sailing uncharted waters ,
of our begginings and our ends.


  1. It's wonderful catching up and sharing the new stories and memories......and there are always new stories. Nice to see you, Suyash!

  2. Sharing stories is a wonderful gift, I enjoyed this lovely write.

  3. Yayyy Suyash in the house!!❤️ I love the tone and spirit of this poem, it's open, warm and inviting which is much needed this cruel winter. Hey I got some stories for you too! Beautifully penned.❤️

  4. Very existential theme, to me. I enjoyed reading it.

  5. I think this would be perfect to be able to share a place and stories like that.

  6. Fresh paint on my walls and a thousand stories,
    ... yes exactly- when again its just "you and me"....

  7. Story time is time out of time, I think. And to have recurring sessions sounds like a blessing to me. I hate when staying seems to ruin everything.

  8. Always nice to get together and share coffee & words!!

  9. Catching up with old friends is a joy.

  10. So nice. I love getting together with a friend over coffee and sharing the new, remembering the old.

  11. Nice rhythm and greeting. I like the bridges or barricades part.

  12. Heart felt conversation is to be treasured! Nice piece.

  13. I enjoyed the conversational tone you struck in this piece. The slip-'n-slide rhyme (my word for it) is really done well and carries the poem along quite compellingly.

  14. Building bridges and barricades. A wonderful metaphor!

  15. “We'll build our bridges and barricades.” This line says so much about life, relationships, and living...

  16. Life can sure fly. "Bridges and barricades" I had to do the barricade part last year with someone. I'd built too many bridges.

  17. How about coffee and words for both of us! I like bridges more than barricades. Thanks.