Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Sun Also Rises

Misfit sun in a cloudy sky,
Peeping through fleeces of cloud,
Into worldly  windows of glass hearts.
Shafts of orange light,
Like a wound in the clouds.
Misfit sun on a cloudy day,
 A distant moon tumbles,
Onto the horizon,
To dethrone the day,
Instill  the night.
Seal the sun into a nightly cage,
The glass hearted clowns arise,
Clowns to make a joke,
Of all that is human,
But know this clowns,

The sun also rises.

/ Every misfit has his crowd, and the clowns don't matter anymore/


  1. Once the night was a terrifying time of fear and danger. Now we fear our great disadvantage.

  2. i think at times it's not easy to face night - always depending on how we feel, the night seems to make dark things even darker - though there's beauty as well

  3. Night can be the relief from those cloudy days of misfits sun.. Maybe the moon ca bring relief.

  4. there is always another side...
    and those that laugh and make fun, are often afraid
    and trying to deal with their own emotions...

  5. Yes the sun dies always rise..we must catch it whilst we can

  6. loved the opening line and use of it... hope it can take center stage though

  7. Sometimes there is a lot about humanity that would inspire the laughter of clowns, but the laughter cannot stop the sun from rising.

  8. In the dead of winter, the sun sometimes feels like it is a misfit indeed.

  9. To dethrone the day,
    Instill the night.
    Seal the sun into a nightly cage...

    Beautiful wording. Your descriptive writing is very effective.

  10. It may be a nightly show, this chase between an early moon to cage a misfit sun. I could watch it again and again. Nice!

  11. I like the allusion to "windows of glass hearts" and "glass hearted clowns" the moon dethroning the day. And the hope and strength in the closing lines.

  12. Strong stuff here...I like this..

    'But know this clowns,

    The sun also rises.'

    And we can take strength from that.


  13. I love the imagery of the moon dethroning the day! Beautiful. Welcome to the Sunday Whirl :-)

  14. Agree with C.C love image with the moon.

  15. Perhaps because it always rises, we shouldn't take it for granted, but be far more immediately grateful when it lights our fleeting moments.


  16. I love how you have labelled the mighty sun as misfit and from there own drawn a parallels with the misfits of the world...where the clowns are having a day(night) like they say every '---' has a day. Smiles

    1. that's exactly what i was trying to capture

  17. Loved the 'Misfit sun in a cloudy sky' and 'glass hearted clowns' as opposition....but this is a balance in the world between dark and light, and sure, sun will rise again. ~ Very refreshing use of words.

  18. Great use of Hemingway for inspiration.

  19. There have been many days of late that the sun has seemingly disappeared, and yet it is ever present. The moon may laugh that night, only to find that under the same clear sky the sun will make a great appearance come morning….who's laughing now?

  20. "Into worldly windows of glass hearts." luv this

    Have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  21. …to dethrone the day.

    What comes around goes around.

  22. "Seal the sun into a nightly cage"....Wow...what an amazing line amongst so many. Great wring Suyash! :-)

  23. We do, indeed, each have a crowd. We simply decide whether or not we'll be a part ofit.

  24. perfect.

    do come join us.

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