Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I Listen

I listen to the sounds of silence,
I listen to the deafening noises.
I listen to the calm crashing of ways,
I listen to the clamour of swaying rose beds.
I listen to the shouts for help,
I listen to the shouts of disdain.
I listen to cries of help,
I listen to cries of pain.
I listen to the chaos of the world around me,
I listen to the peace of the world inside.
And then most of all,
I listen to myself


  1. I think you are right...if we don't listen to ourselves we are lost.

  2. yes in the silence of quiet time its good to tune into our inner being to listen then too

    so happy you dropped by my blog

    much love...

  3. Sometimes it can be hard to hear ourselves amongst the din, but it's good to take time to focus and really listen.

  4. Oh, how many different sounds we can get if listen...but listening yourself is primary duty for sure to understand and hear others...Peace in New Year!

  5. Love this , it makes me want to listen to the words, great form it just sings

  6. So much listening - the inner listening is the most fruitful. I enjoyed this poem!

  7. Yes, listening to oneself is so important and very much in the spirit of introspection - which was the direction I went with the prompt. Your use of anaphora repetition here was an inspired choice and very effective.

  8. Great use of repetitions and contrasts, rounded up by a perfect ending!

  9. Love the clamor of swaying rose beds. Wonderful words!! :-)

  10. Good idea to listen to yourself with all that noise going on around you! Thanks for posting here.

  11. When we listen is the time we will realize all the differences that we can make. I know that money rules the world, that is a fact we can't escape, but don't let it become a vice in which it stops someone from helping another by listening to their story. Great story you have weaved together here.

  12. A wonderfully interesting list--some of these images--sounds are so striking--the sounds of the rose beds--really quite fascinating--great if you can listen to yourself too. Thanks. (This is Karin of k.