Saturday, 29 November 2014

Borrowed Scent

I plucked a rose today,
Now I am left in dismay.
The rose tried to leave its scent,
But my mind had one slippery bend.

Dreaming of the golden years,
I slept away all the time that was near.
And all that’s left now is mixing tears,
In vain trying to fight human fears.

Lost in the drops of the first rain,
I didn’t wipe the eye’s rain of pain.
And in those rainy reveries,
I wished to stay forever merrily.

Those dreams of the misty mornings,
In the hot afternoon firings.
And the benevolent sun shining ,
And this majestic plan transpiring.

Blossomed roses cannot unblossom,
And their scent lingers long into the morrow .
Golden years never return,
yet their light shines on all dark paths.

If I could, I would grow my roses ,
In that wonderful rain of that golden year.
But the roses’ scent lingers as does the smell of the first rain,
As I continue on a solitary path with its myriad borrowed scents.

* So , first post in a while. Now where do I begin to say what this is all about. It's about this idea of perfection that <some> of us stupid guys chase. And the fact is there really is no such thing as absolute perfection or absolute truth. I mean everyone has some good qualities and some flaws . And if you start moving away from people just because of their flaws and ignore their good , you are gonna end up being really miserable and depressed and lonely. Fact is there really isn't much black and white in the world outside science text books. And as that cheesy cliche goes , go find your own shade of grey . Anywho , you can't measure yourself or anything else by this golden standard in your head , because then you'll just push away all the good that comes you. And even if you push all that good away, their scent lingers on like roses you once held. The least you can do is not let that scent fade away. You can't look for perfect in an imperfect world. And I wish I knew all this before. But, I guess that's the thing about maturity, it comes to you when it has to. *


  1. perhaps the scent of that rose and the memories will carry us through
    though hopefully they dont dictate our appreciation of all the other flowers
    along the way...i think too that we get a picture in our head of perfect...and
    can miss out on many other special things/people because they dont
    live up to that picture....

  2. I love the verse that begins "those dreams of the misty mornings" very much!!!

  3. interesting idea and i very much agree with it :)

  4. I think as long as the memory of the smell remains there is home .. a beautiful verse with all the sentiments of being in the present.

  5. Yes, but just a whiff and it all comes back.

  6. Borrowed scents won't last longer.Nice lines :).

  7. "And in those rainy reveries, / I wished to stay forever merrily"...our wishes...sigh..

  8. Roses have such a glorious scent and they wither too soon as do golden memories.
    Beautiful verse

  9. True - I feel that it would be best to let the rose grow its own course and share its fragrance with the world.

  10. Oh God yes.. the greaTest Sin
    of the lies of human
    perfection fostered
    first by sidewalks
    of life.. and weed
    killer to slay
    the wildest
    of human
    beings too..
    i go by the
    Jack London
    rule book of
    human.. practice
    free and you will
    be set free..
    walk on
    and they
    will rule

  11. "Blossomed roses cannot unblossom"--there is wisdom here too. And, I like the meaning you shared behind your poem.