Friday, 8 August 2014

The Mirror

*Sometimes people look outwards to escape looking inside*

There is a sacred loneliness,
That many men dare not wander into.
Looking in to the mirror in truthful disdain,
Is better than looking out of the window in feigned awe.

“ Who is in the mirror?”
“Who was in the mirror?”
“What is he becoming?”
The mirror stares in my eyes to blind.

Out of my window I see, ships ready to new ports dwell.
Men in masks, do impressions of themselves. 
Guides to new  vices.
All with paper tag prices.

I see sailors boarding new ships every night,
And I see my mirror every night.
Fare thee well onward sailor!
To stand the mirror needs men of valour.


  1. i like to think of ego as Zen art.. and to live as theater in play of whomever i'll be when the mirror comes for the day of now...

    So when the buddhists say get rid of ego.. i say why not make in Zen.. in play.. and never to take one's self too serious... is certainly a way to play.. a Fool or King.. as Zen the same..:)

  2. I think we cannot see the truths of the mirrors properly.. so easy to just focus on the veneer on the outside...

  3. Those closing lines are stellar! "To stand the mirror needs men of valor". Cool!

  4. Ah, and the mirror does not lie!

  5. many look in the mirror, but not all of us see... then you have those who don't look in the mirror at all. I especially liked the line, Men in masks, do impressions of themselves.

    oh how easy it is to put on masks...

  6. There is so much to "see" in the mirror...and sometimes the truth hurts. Nice write!

  7. well done. really like this line:

    Men in masks, do impressions of themselves.